Teairra Mari is suing her ex-boyfriend,  Akbar Abdul-Ahad for posting their sex tape as revenge for her breaking up with him. Not only is she suing her EX, she is also suing Instagram comedian, 50 Cent, for sharing images of the tape. This is only the beginning. 

In case you all don’t remember Teairra Mari from her one hit wonder music career, she also dated Ray J and is a cast member of ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’. A press conference was held today (with VH1 camera’s present) so that Teairra and her attorney’ Lisa Bloom (of course) and Walter Mosely could discuss a few details of the case.

via TMZ:

Teairra — flanked by her attorneys, Lisa Bloom and Walter Mosely — broke down in tears during an emotional news conference Thursday to announce the suit. Teairra said the ugly episode was triggered after she broke up with Akbar Abdul-Ahad after finding out he was cheating on her.

The reality star claims Akbar had her Instagram password and posted a video and an obscene photo of her as payback and to humiliate her. Teairra claims Fiddy, Akbar’s close friend, then reposted an image to his 18 million followers before it was taken down.

Lisa said they’ll file a police report later Thursday along with the suit. She added, “We have a significant piece of evidence that points to [Akbar].” AAA denies he was behind the act.

Should be noted … questions as to whether Teairra was allegedly behind taking a metal rod to Akbar’s G-Wagon were not raised. 

If you haven’t noticed by now, there is not one celebrity sex scandal that Lisa is NOT a part of. Celebrity Sex Scandals equals COINS for Lisa and her colleagues (is she decides to bring one along to share the wealth as her good deed for the attorneys at her firm).

Lisa was quick to point out the fact that 50 Cent should know all about the revenge porn law or whatever it is called. She went as far as to mention the $7 million that 50 had to pay to Rick Ross’ ex for releases videos of her a couple years ago. Take a look at the video below…

Now here’s where I begin to run my mouth. Everywhere you see this story posted or if you watched the press conference live like me, you would have seen people everywhere flapping their fingers on their keyboards talking about what Teairra did wrong. What the hell did she do wrong. 1. She had sex with her boyfriend that she loved. What’s wrong with that? I have a few sex tapes myself that my husband and I created for our own enjoyment. If you are in love with someone, there is nothing wrong with a little role play that involves “Lights, Camera, Action”. Some of you hoes do WORST for a bag of cheetos  thinking you’re going to be on one of those bootleg YouTube web series. 2. Everyone was criticizing the outfit she wore to the press conference. Talking about she was showing too much cleavage. They are her titties. She might as well show them since her childish ass boyfriend already put them out there and 50 Cent shared them with his 18 million followers. Some of you hoes go to Rainbow and buy a shirt two times too small just so you can go home and throw some powder down your bra and smoke a Newport at the bus stop. Get over yourselves!

Teairra is the VICTIM. She shared an intimate moment with her boyfriend that was NOT suppose to be shared with us and he’s a straight pussy for leaking the video and I hope she gets another $7 million or more from 50 Cents ass. Plus I hope the bankruptcy court reopens his case and looks into his financial records and realized he LIED and then they go and “Get the Strap”.

Teairra, I am Rooting for you! And you go girl for having those VH1 cameras there. Get your coins at any means necessary.


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