I know from the title of this blog post, you guys probably think this is going to be something super deep, but it’s not… well to some of you it might be. 

Wednesday (June 13th), was my oldest son’s promotion ceremony to the 9th grade. First thing is first, I want to thank one of my best friends, Carrie, who lives an hour away but got off from work and hung around to go to my son’s graduation. My son had 3 tickets so of course one was for me and my husband. Sad thing is neither one of his grandparents ( (and he has 4) would go to his graduation (my dad gets a pass because he JUST broke his leg).  My son was hurt. I was venting to Carrie about it and she stepped up even getting him a gift. No one else got him a gift either.

Second, finding a sitter for my other 2 children was a complete PAIN but my other friend, Melissa, stepped up and made sure that my husband and I BOTH could attend his ceremony. Let me correct a sentence in my previous paragraph, she and her boyfriend Matt, did give Jahiem another financial gift. All of that made up, temporarily, for the lack of his grandparents not wanting to attend.

So anyways, we get to the ceremony and of course they set the rules in place, “Please hold your applause until the end of each section is called.” Cool… I expect that. They want to make sure each child’s name was heard when they were called.

I watched each student line up as their row was called, to receive their certificate. The closer it came to my son, Jahiem’s, row being called. I began to feel “it”. My “it” makes me emotional, it makes me warm, it makes me happy, my legs start moving, I start rocking back and forth, my “it” is the Holy Spirit. 3 kids in front of Jahiem, I knew I couldn’t hold “it” in. When his name was called, below is what happened…

The Holy Ghost came over me and I couldn’t hold it in. My first born is on his way to High School. My son is on his way to beating the odds! His grades are excellent, he is focused on going to UNC, he’s not on drugs, and he has no intention of dropping out. He is proud to be a successful African American kid. He loves making his mother and father proud. Yes, his mother and father is raising him so there’s another statistic he isn’t a part of. God is good. God is amazing. God is so much more than words an express.

My family is going through the toughest of times right now but when the devil tries to sneak his negative energy into our lives, God gives me another reason praise Him. I’m so sick of people not praising God because their bank account is negative. Even though my account is overdrawn, I never go a day without eating. Even though I have a medical condition that can kill me, God sees fit for me to open my eyes every morning. Even though my husband and I may yap and snap at each other from time to time, God still sees fit for us to fall in love with each other more and more each day. My list can go on and on. Just know, no matter how bad life is, remember all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord, to them that are called according to His purpose.


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