Suge Knight was looking for a “get out of jail” card in hopes that he would be able to attend his mother’s funeral. 

Suge’s mother, Maxine Chatman, died at a hospital in Paramount, CA this past Sunday, surrounded by close family and friends. Maxine had suffered a stroke about a month ago and it’s been stated that her health has been deteriorating every since. On Sunday, her lungs collapsed and she suffered kidney failure. Maxine was 77 years old.

The family went to see if Suge would be able to be released to attend his mother’s funeral but was quickly denied by the courts. Although it seems like the judicial system is being harsh, the rules are the rules. Suge’s an inmate who falls under a category that makes him ineligible to attend any type of furlough, even if it’s for family funerals. In case you all forgot, Suge’s currently in jail awaiting a murder trial.

With that being said, Suge could file a petition with the court, but it’s been said the likelihood of a court going against the Sheriff’s Department is slim.


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