Trey songzLooks like Trey Songz has went from “Mr. Steal Your Girl” to “Mr. Beat Your Girl”. The singer is being sued by a woman who claims he attacked her back in February. 

via TMZ:

As we reported, Andrea Buera insists the incident went down at a Hollywood party during NBA All-Star Weekend. Songz was even arrested for the alleged attack, and although the D.A. rejected the charges — for lack of evidence — Andrea is still out for justice.

According to docs, Trey ran after her — because she was talking to another guy — and choked her and punched her several times in the face. Andrea claims the beating only stopped because one of the singer’s bodyguards intervened.

Andrea says Songz further humiliated her when he demanded she take off her shorts because they belonged to his friend. 

She says her left eye was swollen shut, and she suffered bruises around her jaw and shoulders. Her legs were also bruised and scratched. 

Buera is suing for her medical expenses and other damages.

What I want to know is why has the victim waited so long? Why didn’t she press criminal charges? Don’t get it twisted, I am To me, a lawsuit isn’t proper punishment, jail time is.


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