While the women of hip-hop were making a scene at NYFW, Drake and Meek Mill were settling another epic, rap, beef. During the “Aubrey and the Three Migos Tour” at TD Garden on Saturday night, Drake and Meek put an end to their long-running feud by embracing in front of fans.

via Rap-Up:

Meek emerged from below the stage to cheers from the crowd while performing “Dreams and Nightmares” alongside Drizzy. The former rivals embraced before sharing some kind words.

“Make some noise for this ni**a in the building one time, Drake,” said Meek, while Drizzy added, “This right here is a long time coming. This right here is important. This one of my favorite rappers for real, for real. This was my brother. That’s how it started and that’s how we gon’ finish this shit for real.”

He later added, “We need more peace in the world. We need more love in the world. Meek Mill, that’s my brother. That’s my ni**a from day one, so we were able to do this in front of y’all and I’m very honored that you were here to witness it.”

Earlier in the day, Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin, a close friend of Meek’s, hinted at the performance by posting a photo of Meek’s wrist with his “Aubrey and the Three Migos” credentials.



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