Not too long ago, R. Kelly dropped his confessional song, ‘I Admit It’. Although the disgusting singer may have thought things would be “ok” if he exposed himself, apparently, there are other stomach churning details that he did not mention. R. Kelly’s brother, Carey “Killa” Kelly, gave a lengthy and in depth interview with Blogger/YouTuber Tasha K for her ‘Unwine With Tasha K’ segment. In the interview, Carey revealed that R. Kelly sexually abused and possibly impregnated, their 14 year old cousin! WTF!!

via HollywoodLife:

During the conversation, Carey described his brother as “demonic,” and spoke about the allegations that R. Kelly sexually abused one of their family members (the discussion starts at 38:40 in the video.) “One, that I know of,” Carey said. It was when he was pressed for details that Carey accused his brother of sexually abusing a 14-year-old female cousin.

When asked about the allegations that R. Kelly impregnated the cousin, Carey couldn’t confirm or deny that. “I can’t say…there hasn’t been any DNA for anything done.” Carey goes onto say in the interview that she “actually didn’t get pregnant till she was seventeen… seventeen, I want to say seventeen. Probably seventeen.” When asked if R. Kelly “was still messing with her at the time,” Carey responded that he didn’t know. “What I do know is, when it took place, [there] was a lot of turmoil between the family and different things like that.”

“[T]he only reason why he targets little girls, now that I’m older, I understand,” Carey said in the interview. “He was molested. I was molested [too], but I didn’t turn out that way. I became a protector of children. I didn’t want kids to go through what I went through…especially my daughters.” Carey declined to say who allegedly molested him and R. Kelly.

During the conversation, which was done to promote Carey’s forthcoming book, R. Kelly’s brother also detailed an interaction between Robert and the late singer, Aaliyah. “I picked it up when he was working on her album and he started producing ‘Age Ain’t Nothin But a Number.’ I’m listening to the [lyrics] and I’m paying closer attention to how they’re vibing,” he said. “They’d be right next to each other, hugged up and different things of that nature. That didn’t seem right with him being the age that he was, and her being the age that he was.”


Watch the full interview below:



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