donald-trump.pngDon’t be surprised if you get a text from a strange number tomorrow. It’s coming from Kanye West’s good friend Donald Trump. I can’t make this stuff up.¬†According to CNN, “It’s a political message, but an emergency test message sent from Donald as part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s system to warn the public in case of emergencies”.

Most cell phone users can expect a message around 2:18PM EST on Wednesday, October 3rd. Donnie’s name will pop up as “President Alert” and the message will let us know that “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No Action Needed.

The test was originally suppose to happen a month ago, but FEMA spokesperson, Mark Peterson, told CNN that the test got pushed back, and the earliest date to give it a go was on October 3rd.

Now before we get all excited, this is not a Trump thing. The WEA was launched back in 2012 but President Trump will be the first President to actually test out the message.

Now what I want to know is what idiot is going to actually attempt to text the POTUS back? If you decide on doing so, please tweet me your messages at @VernettaSpeaks. I would love to see and post them!


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