Khloe Kardashian has been holding on to her relationship with Tristan Thompson, despite the cheating rumors and photos that circulate the blogs monthly, weekly, and daily. Khloe had plans on moving her and baby True (the baby she and Tristan have together) to Cleveland, but is now having second thoughts (Praise Jesus!).

via E!:

Amid the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star’s cryptic social media posts, a source tells E! News that Khloe is “still very much insecure” about being apart from Tristan and is “struggling with trusting him to be on his own around other women when she isn’t there.” Tristan has returned to Cleveland to prepare for the Cavaliers’ basketball season, but Khloe is still in Los Angeles.

It was just six months ago that a cheating scandal involving Tristan surfaced, shortly before Khloe gave birth to the couple’s daughterTrue Thompson.

“In addition to her own insecurities about Tristan’s infidelity, Khloe is continuing to struggle with her family’s thoughts of Tristan as most of them haven’t forgiven him for cheating, even though they are trying to support Khloe’s decision to be with him,” the insider tells us. “Everyone in the family ultimately wants what’s best for True, but they’re wary that Tristan will cheat again, and they hate seeing how this is effecting Khloe.”

The sources adds that Khloe has been able to rely on Kourtney Kardashian for support as Kourtney “has been the most open-minded about Khloe and Tristan reconciling.”

While Khloe was planning on heading to Ohio last week, she made the decision not to go.

“Khloe had everything planned to leave for Cleveland early last week, and decided not to go,” a second source tells E! News. “She doesn’t feel comfortable to leave her home and family in L.A. and head back to her life in Cleveland right now. She isn’t ready to go.”

“Khloe has had many ups and downs lately with Tristan,” the insider continues. “Her and Tristan are not in the best place currently. Khloe wants to work things out for the sake of True, but it has been very difficult recently. She has huge trust issues that she has not overcome, and it’s definitely caused a rift. Khloe thought things would blow over, but she still has insecurities deep down.”

It’s sad that Khloe is being blamed for having “insecurities deep down” when her baby daddy is out here being a whole whore out in these streets. Yes, I said it, Tristan is a “hoe, hoe”. I’m sick of it. But I’m also sick of her wanting people to feel sorry for her. She needs to use some of that tough love she uses on her siblings, man up, and leave Tristan alone to get an STD.


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