Well, well, well… it seems as if Nicki Minaj is taking this whole “Queen” thing and let it go to her head. The rapper is being sued by her former stylist, accusing Nicki of swiping a bunch of rented clothing and refusing to pay the bill.

via TMZ:

Maher Jridi claims he was Nicki’s stylist in 2017 and rented a bunch of clothing from a wardrobe company for her to wear. He says he dropped thousands on the clothes, Nicki wore them … but then he never got them back.

According to the docs … Jridi got sued for the missing gear and is now on the hook for nearly $74k. So, he’s suing her for the bill … and says the whole ordeal has been emotionally painful for him.

Maher, who’s French, is known for being the man behind Nicki’s famous wardrobe during 2017’s Paris Fashion Week.

So has anyone checked Nicki’s closet for those stolen goods? #ToFreedom!!!



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