So allegedly, Kimberly Thompson, Beyonce’s ex-drummer, did not show up to court on Thursday, so the Judge denied her witchcraft restraining request.

via The Blast:

As The Blast first reported, Kimberly Thompson, who worked for Beyoncé for seven years as her drummer, filed documents in court claiming Bey executed a campaign of harassment against her, that included “extreme witchcraft, dark magic” and “magic spells of sexual molestation.” She also claims the “Lemonade” star murdered her kitten.

Thompson’s request for a temporary restraining order was denied by a judge, pending a hearing.

That hearing was today and Thompson no-showed, so the judge dismissed the entire case. It’s worth noting: no one representing Beyoncé showed up for the hearing either.

Now after reading and reporting these facts from ‘The Blast’, I went to Kimberly’s Instagram and found out (per her statements) that she didn’t have court for Beyonce Thursday. She has another restraining order out on someone and the dates were changed. So who knows… Kimberly still claims that Beyonce is still harassing her via witchcraft.




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