I just celebrated 9 years since I had a perm in my hair. I will say that during that time I have learned a lot about my hair. My curls have flourished and my hair is the longest that it’s ever been.

But with that being said I don’t always follow the common rules ya’ll like to establish for natural hair. Now before you all go and start judging me let me make this clear, I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL!!! I just like to do what works for me, and as a result, my curls are popping and my edges are intact. Here are some rules I do not follow and the reasons why…


I Color My Hair


I actually started exploring with hair color long before I became natural. I don’t want to hear that coloring my hair doesn’t make me less of a natural. Save it. There are such things as a color treated natural. Honestly, I had color in my hair for so long, I don’t feel right with dark hair. I tried it and I was not a fan. Now I will say that because I have been coloring my hair for so long I don’t always see a professional before coloring. I recommend that if you are new to color you seek someone who knows what they are doing, especially if you want color that is going to last and keep your hair from being damaged.


I Use Sulfate Shampoos


I honestly don’t mind some sulfate shampoos for my hair. I know that they are not ideal but sometimes I need that squeaky clean hair. Sulfates do tend to strip your hair of their natural oils so I recommend if you are going to use a sulfate shampoo that you deep condition. Add as much moisture back in your hair as possible. I have not noticed any damage or dryness from using sulfates on my hair but at the end of the day, you do what’s best for you.


I Have Not Cancelled Eco Styler Gel


You can cancel eco all you want but she works wonders for my curls so she is not going anywhere. Period,  Point, Blank!!! I know that a lot of YouTubers have been complaining about the ingredients of the Eco Styler Gel but I have not had any problems and I have been using it since the beginning of my hair journey. Now with that being said, I have found some other gels that work great for my hair as well. I have made flaxseed gel that did great as well as Aloe Gel too. Both natural gels have given me great results, but Eco is way more convenient.


I Only Wear Wash and Go’s


I don’t have a lot of explaining about this one but my hair only likes Wash and Go’s. I have tried twist outs and braid outs but my hair always ends up being frizzy. I need to find the right products for my hair that will provide me with the results I need but until then I’ll be washing and going out this door.


I Am Not Afraid Of Heat


I am not concerned that I will get heat damage because I don’t straighten my hair often. I normally only put heat on my hair like twice a year. Over the last year, I have only straightened my hair one time and I plan on straightening my hair again within the next couple of days. I will warn you, you have to do what is best for your hair. When I straighten my hair I use a heat protector and I try to get it as straight as possible. I don’t touch up my hair after the initial flat iron session.


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