Whew Chileeee… the Spanish ghetto. In an Instagram post, Tekashi69 says he is done with people, he has cleaned house, and has NO ONE on his team anymore. He captioned the Instagram video “Let It All Crumble”.

Now look, I can’t tell you exactly what happened, but 6ix9ine has made it obvious that he isn’t happy with his folks anymore. He made the announcement after reports surfaced alleging the man involved in Tekashi’s pistol-whipping and kidnapping earlier this year, was part of his crew!!

No matter how many people have warned 6ix9ine about the company he would keep, it took something like this, that could of potentially costed him his life (again), for him to make a change.

One thing I’ve noticed is Tekashi69 has had much success with his legal team, if nothing else. His lawyers helped him avoid jail recently.

Tekashi69 had a huge win in the courtroom but instead of keeping himself on the straight and narrow, he keeps getting himself involved with living a life of crime. One incident happened during his latest video shoot, which was reportedly shot up and caused $500,000 worth of damages.



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