So out of all the years I’ve been natural, I have never really did a growth challenge all the way through. I have tried a few different things that people probably don’t even know about. My goal, in the beginning, was never to have really long hair. I just wanted healthy hair, which I do have overall.

I wanted to reverse the heat damage that was done to my hair, and get my curls as popping as I could. Now that I’m at my goal for the most part, I want to try my hand at actually growing my hair out.

I really want my hair to be bra strap length curly. I feel that is a obtainable goal. So I’m going to break down all the things that I will be doing to obtain that goal over the next year or so. In addition to the following things I plan on discussing,  I also plan on getting one more Deva Cut before the year is out. I want to start on a fresh slate as far as my curls go and a Deva Cut will get rid of any damages or straight ends.

Drink More Water

The very first thing that I want to do is drink more water. I have already started doing this over the last couple of weeks and I’ve already see a huge difference in my hair and my skin. I know this is something that is simple, but the benefits are so major. I have been trying to drink at least a gallon a day but normally I get to about a half a gallon in, then I’m over it. For this challenge I will be forcing myself to get through an entire gallon.

Deep Conditioning

Okay, this next one is something that I already do but I want to continue. I will be deep conditioning my hair every other week. I will be trying some new deep conditioners over the duration of this challenge (I will do a review on the ones that I really like).  I already have a few that I want to try out. If you have something that you want me to review, be sure to comment on this post and I will do a review of the product. I also want to start making some natural deep conditioners to see how my hair responds. I will keep you posted on those as well.

Rice Water

This is a new method that I am going to try and I’m excited to see how this works. Rice water rinses seem to be to new rave in the natural hair community and looks like it gives great results,  so it’s worth a try. I have heard of the benefits of rice water. I have also heard that it’s just a hyped up method but we’re going to find out. Believe it or not, some techniques do work for everyone. I will be doing this about once every six weeks and alternating this with my protein treatments.

Protein Treatments

I have been slacking on my protein treatments lately. I’ve just been so busy but I will be getting more consistent with them. I love how my hair looks and feels after doing a protein treatment and I can tell when my hair is not getting enough protein. I don’t eat a lot of protein rich foods which is also going to change but I will be incorporating three different protein treatments in my regimen. I will be using Aphogee and the protein treatment that can be found on I will do a full review on the Green Beauty Protein treatment when it comes in. It’s not well known but it works amazing so I want to spread the word.

Low Manipulation Styles

Last, let’s talk about how I’m going to wear my hair over the next year. I don’t plan on using heat to my hair at all next year,  if I can help it. I am in a wedding in June (Shoutout to Vernetta aka Miss Blog God) and I’m not sure how I’m going to be wearing my hair for the wedding,  but I may straighten it. If I want straight hair its going be a sew in or a wig. I am also going to be incorporating more protective styles such as braids and buns…. I love a good bun!! I will of course be rocking my forever faithful wash and goes too.

In closing, now that I’m officially starting this journey, I will take you all along for the journey with me (It will be whenever I can get my Deva Cut scheduled). I’ll post pictures on my Instagram and on my website so definitely make sure you are subscribed and following me so you don’t miss a minute of the action!! I love ya’ll. Be Blessed!!

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