Everyone who doubted the Dallas Cowboys ability to beat the New Orleans Saints, was left speechless when Dallas took the victory… including me. Now the question everyone is asking is how did the Dallas defense seem to know what the Saints offense was going to do before they even did it?

Via 12Up:

We present to you: this man in a ​Cowboys polo with a headset posted up right behind Sean Payton, caught on television many times during the fourth quarter of Dallas’ upset win. Hey, he’s even got a cell phone!

​​What’s he doing there? Security of some kind? Or the least-incognito spy of all time?

He could’ve at least worn Saints gear, or a burlap uniform, or ANYTHING OTHER THAN A COWBOYS POLO.

Let’s check in on a key late fourth quarter possession. Is our man there, by any chance?

​​Yes, he certainly is.
Dallas didn’t score in the second half of Thursday’s showdown, but rode their swarming defense to victory regardless. If you were curious as to why that defense was able to swarm so effectively and telegraph so many plays, maybe someone should ask Headset Man?
#HeadsetGate, indeed.


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