Basic Makeup Tips For Beauties With Darker Skin


Different people have different skin tones; therefore, their makeup requirements are unique. One’s face shape and contour also determine how and what kind of makeup should be applied. While purchasing makeup products, those with darker skin tones should select their makeup carefully as it makes a huge difference to their appearance.

The right makeup can make a girl with a warm skin tone glow like the goddess she is! Continue reading → Basic Makeup Tips For Beauties With Darker Skin


6 Signs You’re Meant to Be Together

Love is such a fickle thing that nobody knows what the future holds and it’s hard to grow your relationship smoothly.

It’s common that people are in love with their partners, but subconsciously they are still in search with the right one, the one we call soulmate or true love.

The reason is that we all have fear. We are afraid to be with someone we are not meant to be, then get stuck in the relationship forever.

That’s why naturally your mind urge you find the reasons to be together. Apart from this, according to psychologists, mostly best decisions are those which made confidently.

I am not talking about decisions such as you both like the blue colour. Because its matter of your life, therefore you should think deeply. Continue reading → 6 Signs You’re Meant to Be Together